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We planned to wake up early and take some sunrise time-lapse videos but as always missed it 🙁 But we managed to reach dal lake before many people.
Here is picture of us all taken at the dal lake before shikara ride.

clicked this pic at dal lake Srinagar.

As we had to leave for Kargil this day and we had around 2-3 hours to check local sights and among all the local sights, Dal lake was the one which thought would be quickly do-able.
Dal lake offers awesome view for the photography and one can find many subjects for the same. Here is one pic we took on the shikara ride.
clicked this pic from the deck of shikara in dal lake srinagar

We reached at Dal with drone and camera gear to shoot some good video and we managed to do so. Drone shots from the Dal lake are used in the day 2 vlog video which you can check on the youtube channel BusyJanta
We spent some time at the lake and then rushed back to the hotel and prepared for the journey ahead. All of us were excited about this ride because we were about to visit places like Sonamarg, Zozila Pass, Gumri, Drass, and Kargil. Here is one picture we took moment before leaving towards Kargil at the hotel where we stayed for the night.
pic taken outside hotel we stayed in Srinagar before leaving towards kargil.

We took first break after crossing Sonamarg and Zozila pass at the famous tourist place called as Zero Point. One can enjoy sledge ride and ATV ride but halted not for rides but Maggie break because we skipped hotels at Sonamarg. The zero point looks like this.
famous tourist point after zozila pass.

Soon after leaving from zero point we entered into drass valley and roads were quite scenic and we took some photography breaks on the way towards drass.
This picture below is taken on one such road after Gumri where we saw the Zozila war memorial.
pic taken near gumri on lush green mountains.

We were running behind the schedule and there was one thunder storm running behind us which looked quite awesome as shown in the picture below.
Awesome weather near drass.

But this thunderstorm finally got us when we stoped at the Kargil war memorial to pay tribute to brave hearts. Visiting war memorial was really emotional.
Kargil war memorial.

After leaving from the kargil war memorial we reached Kargil, our destination of the day and our plan of camping was cancelled due to thunderstorm and we rented one cheap hotel and did drink and discussed about kargil war. By this time all of us had started felling the effects of being in the hight altitude.
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Ladakh ride 2018 | Day 1 | Jalandhar to Srinagar | BusyJanta

After buying the bullet almost a year ago on 5th May 2017 I was super desperate to do the Ladakh ride because this is what people do after owning a Royal Enfield bike 😀
I wasn’t much into biking and rider community before owning this awesome bike. But soon after buying I kind of developed the interest into moto vlogs and when it comes to bike ride, Ladakh comes to the top.

I was planning this ride from so long and finally, things got into reality on 8th June 2018. Here is the story of day 1 from the ride.
I along with 4 friends did this ride and 3 of us were on bikes (me, Mohanbir & Rohit) and 2 of us were on SUV (Satnam & Gurpal). We planned to start early that day but got late as always and started from Jalandhar at around 6 AM.
We gathered at PAP circle of Jalandhar city and did status updates on all social platforms and did some photography. Sharing one of the pictures from the session.

Starting point PAP circle in Jalandhar
Starting point PAP circle in Jalandhar where we all gathered for the Ladakh Ride 2018.

After leaving from Jalandhar we took a short break in Pathankot and did breakfast and this was the first meal of us all together. During this break, I installed action cam on Rohit’s helmet and intercom on Mohanbir’s helmet and wasted some good 2 hours or so.
Soon after entering into Jammu & Kashmir district we were stuck into traffic jams and potholes on the road. Most part of the road is being constructed and due to this, there is a lot of dust/mud/slush on the road which kind of irritates while riding a bike but that’s part and parcel of the game.

After crossing the Jawahar tunnel we finally made our entry into Kashmir valley and finally got relief from traffic and bad road conditions. Here is one photo we clicked near titanic point after Banihal.

Posing near Titanic view point.
Clicked this picture with friends after Banihal near Titanic view point.

Things become easier after entering into Kashmir valley. All the problems like traffic, potholes, dust, and heat from sun went away all of sudden soon hitting Kazigund. Thunderstorm and mild rain welcomed us into the valley but it started raining heavily when we were just 30 KMs away from Srinagar. We took shelter near the highway and spend around 1 hour waiting for the rain to stop and finally made to Srinagar where other 2 who were on SUV were waiting for us.
Fine dining at the end of day sorted it all and we were charged and excited for the next day. Srinagar to Kargil ride.

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Journey to Sach Pass – Vlog #2

This blog contains the story of day 2 of 4 days long bike journey from Jalandhar to Sach pass and back to hometown. If you haven’t read or seen the day 1 story please check this link.

The story of Day 2

The main destinations to be covered on this day were as follows:

  1. Sarthal – Bhaderwah
  2. Bhaderwah – Doda
  3. Doda – Kishtwar
  4. Kishtwar – Padder
  5. Padder – Gulabgarh


As always, this day also started early we tried our best to leave early but the lush green surroundings made us to halt for a photo shoot. Everybody gave best of possible poses.

Jaspinder, Mohanbir and Malkit posing near Sarthal
Jaspinder, Mohanbir and Malkit posing near Sarthal.

We rented 2 small rooms for spending the night. We had our tents with us but it was raining lightly and the weather was a bit cold so we decided to rent rooms.

Malkit crossing water on a road to bhaderwah from sarthal
Malkit crossing water on a road to bhaderwah from sarthal

The first destination of the day was Bhaderwah and road till this destination was lonely and almost no traffic road. You would not enjoy such road while riding alone. Check out this image gallery which I created to show the beauty and loneliness of this road.

Somehow we reached Bhaderwah and had our breakfast. The next destination was Kishtwar which is major Muslim locality and we reached there by the afternoon and refueled our bikes.

From Kishtwar we went straight towards Gulabgarh which was again a run against time. We were running really late and had to reach Gulabgarh before sunset because we wanted to stay in the hotel instead of tents. We reached Gulabgarh before sunset and luckily got the best available guest house in this small town. They call this guest house as “Alpine hut”.

Malkit posing with bike at alpine hut guest house Gulabgah
Malkit posing with bike at alpine hut guest house Gulabgah

We were really tired and wanted to have some drinks but the alcohol is banned in this area. Luckily we manage to get 4 beer cans from locals with the help of this guy named Vicky.

Malkit posing with Vicky in Gulabgarh.
Malkit posing with Vicky in Gulabgarh.

If the day went well, all went well. We had beers and good dinner and very next morning left for the ultimate destination “Sach Pass” covering India’s toughest road in Pangi valley. Check out the journey in this video and do subscribe to our channel Busy Janta on Youtube.

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Journey to Sach Pass – Vlog #1

A little history

It all started in a first week July 2017 (6th Of July to 9th of July 2017) exactly after 2 months of delivery of my new bike “Royal Enfiled Classic 350” (5th May 2017). Like every other bullet owner, I also wanted to go for a long ride as soon as possible. Somehow I spent few days at home planning where to go and with whom I should collaborate and finally, I planned a tour with a friend (Mohanbir Singh Bajaj) who is Asst. Prof in Electronics school of Lovely Professional University. Later my cousin (Jaspinder Singh Sidhu) also joined for this tour who is also Ast Prof in the same school of LPU.

The destination

We decided to go for Sach Pass but from the unusual side which has really close to 0 traffic and is considered as India’s toughest road (no road actually.) You can read more info about Sach Pass on the wiki.

Malkit (Busy Janta) at Sach Pass
Malkit (Busy Janta) at Sach Pass on 8th July 2017.

The Sach pass was not the only destination of this tour, we had a plan to cover all these destinations:-

  • Sarthal
  • Bhaderwah
  • Kishtwar
  • Padder
  • Gulabgarh
  • Killar
  • Sach Pass
  • Bairagarh
  • Banikhet
  • Dunera

The journey was divided into 4 days and itinerary was like this:-

Day 1:

  • Jalandhar – Pathankot
  • Pathankot – Dunera
  • Dunera (PB) – Basholi (J&K)
  • Basholi – Bani
  • Bani – Lawang
  • Lawang – Sarthal

Day 2:

  • Sarthal – Bhaderwah
  • Bhaderwah – Doda
  • Doda – Kishtwar
  • Kishtwar – Padder
  • Padder – Gulabgarh

Day 3:

  • Gulabgarh – Killar (HP)
  • Killar – Sach Pass
  • Sach Pass – Bairagarh

Day 4:

  • Bairagarh – Banikhet
  • Banikhet – Dunera (PB)
  • Dunera – Pathankot
  • Pathankot – Jalandhar

Story of Day 1
This blog is about the day 1 and the problem and experiences we had at day 1 of this journey.
The day started early and my cousin came to my home in (Dhina, Jalandhar Cantt) to help me on mounting stuff on my bike. We met at PAP ground Jalandhar city and the journey started towards our first destination Pathankot. We were 3 when we started from Jalandhar on 3 bikes but later on, cousin of Mohanbir named Daman joined us from somewhere near Bhogpur.
We made it to Pathankot at around 7 or 8 AM but Mohanbir’s bike got punctured near SAI college Badhani, Pathankot.

Bike puncture in Pathankot
Bike puncture in Pathankot

It took some 1.5 hours for us to get this puncture fixed, we decided to have breakfast near the SAI college, this is the same college where I did my graduation from 2006-2009.

Malkit (Busy Janta) at SAI college pathankot
Malkit (Busy Janta) at SAI college Pathankot

The journey continued and we halted at Basholi’s famous Atal Seu bride for some photographs. Here is one pic taken on this bridge.

Bikers at Atal Setu Bridge
Atal Setu near Pathankot is a 592 mt long cable-stayed bridge on the Ravi river commissioned to the nation on 24th December 2015 by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikkar.

Soon after crossing this bridge we were in the J&K state of India and by the end of the day, we made it to Sarthal. A must visit place though it stays disconnected for most of the time in a year. Here is Vlog of Day which covers all the highlights of the day and kind of show all the glimpse.

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